Trailing Green Ivy

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Trailing Green Ivy

Caring for your Trailing Green Ivy

Light: In both winter and summer, this plant requires bright light but avoid exposing the vines to direct sunlight in the summer, the strong sun could burn the foliage. In winter, plants can accept a bit of direct sunlight, such as when placed in south-facing windows.

Water: This plant prefers moist, humid conditions, but does not like to be soaking wet or waterlogged. Don’t let the soil dry out and keep it evenly moist. This plant can tolerate minimal drought-like conditions but will produce the most vibrant colour in evenly moist soil. When watering this plant, aim your hose at the base of the plant as to avoid drenching the leaves as this makes the plant vulnerable to fungal diseases. 

Humidity:  This plant does best in moderate conditions and should be protected from both harsh winter winds and excessive summer heat. Very humid conditions in the summer months can even encourage root rot and bacterial leaf spot.

Temperature: Cool to average room temperatures (50-75°F/10-24°C) year-round.

Pet Safe: This plant is toxic, keep away from cats and dogs. 

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