Aglaonema 'Spotted Star'

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Aglaonema 'Spotted Star'

Caring for your Aglaonema 'Spotted Star'

Light: These plants will thrive in a range of lights depending on what you want from the plant. A bright, indirect light will create a more diverse range in patterns and colours on the leafs.

Water: Keep the soil moist, water when the top ⅓ portion of soil dries out. For best results water from underneath with the use of a saucer to reduce the chance of root rot. Reduce watering during winter months.

Temperature: Normal room temperatures 65-75°F/18-24°C. This plant has no tolerance for the cold. It suffers when exposed to temperatures below 55°F/13°C.

Humidity: These plants tolerate a lower humidity however being surrounded by other plants or maybe water in a pebble tray will benefit the plant.

Pet Safety: This plant is toxic to pets.

Price: £20.00