Euphorbia Lactea  Dragon Bones

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Euphorbia Lactea Dragon Bones

Caring for your Euphorbia Lactea  Dragon Bones

Light: This plant prefers locations that receive partial shade, although some full-sun locations may work as well. If you are planting your dragon bones tree inside, a window sill that receives a decent amount of sunlight during the day is the best option. However, If you do not want to keep your plant right in the window sill, a spot in a sunny room may work as well.

Water: During the summer and times of growth, this plant requires at least one watering a week, although it should be monitored to ensure it does not need more or less water. If the plant starts to turn yellow or brown, it may be receiving too much water, and if it is starting to wilt or wrinkle, it is probably not getting enough water. During the winter, you may not need to water this plant at all. It is common practice to give this plant one last water at the beginning of winter and not water again until spring.

Humidity:  This plant responds well to the ”soak and dry” method, with a few exceptions. For this method, soak the soil until water leaks out of the drainage hole. Let the soil dry out completely before watering again. Because it comes from a tropical climate, false cactus handles humidity well.

Temperature:  Euphorbia lactea cannot handle frost 40° F is the lowest temperature this plant may tolerate. This shrub grows best when it’s warm. Therefore, we recommend not testing lower temperatures.

Pet Safe: This plant is toxic and should be kept out of the way of pets and children. 

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